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79+ Good, Funny and Cute Instagram Captions for Couples {Quotes}

Instagram is one among the most widely used social media apps that have recently become
more popular.

It allows its users to post Photos, Videos, stories and more with their friends and followers. There are over 500 million users of Instagram and the count is increasing day by day.

A simple selfie or a picture with your loved one can be transformed into a blockbuster
An Instagram picture with just a simple caption.

A spectacular caption filled with emotions and love for your loved ones is a way of expressing
love. If you are someone who uses Instagram on a regular basis, then you definitely know that your
An Instagram post is always incomplete without a caption.

But thinking about some special Instagram captions can be a little difficult at times, and you can
easily run out of ideas.

Words may fall short to express your love and feelings sometimes; so, when you have them
make the best out of them.

Captions for Couples

Here we have got some lovely Instagram captions for couples, which can create magic between

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Cute Instagram Captions for Couples:


  1. With you, every moment is sweet and memorable.

  2. Those spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.

  3. Making our memories sweet is my favorite thing to do.

  4. I remember the first day I looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip.

  5. Like rain, I fell for you.

  6. Every day I spend with you by my side is the new best day. And your smile makes the whole world stop and stare for a while…

  7. You make me happy in the way no one else can.

  8. Ever since we met, no one else has ever been worth being admired.

  9. You make my heart skip a beat.

  10. You always belong to me.

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  11. In your absence, no tomorrow remains worth waiting and no yesterday remains worth remembering.

  12. When I feel like smiling, you are the only one on my mind.

  13. The reason behind two people staying together sharing an immortal bond is they offer each other something nobody else can.

  14. I am in love with every moment I spend it with you.

  15. My heart whispers your name each time I listen to it.

  16. Your hands fit in mine like it’s just made for me.

  17. I fell for your eyes, lips, words and everything of yours.

  18. Having you in my arms and heart by heart, it feels like our love would never end.

  19. Regardless of life’s ups and downs you’re my sunshine that wipes away my frowns.

  20. I have never wanted someone as badly as I want you.

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  21. Anywhere with you would be pretty much better than anywhere without you.

  22. I wish I could explain to you what I feel like for you, but that will take a whole lifetime.

  23. Promise me that we’ll always have each other when everything is gone.

  24. Having you by my side makes me feel blessed.

  25. My favorite place in the world is beside you.

  26. Reasons to apart are none, we’re the two hearts that beat as one.

  27. I don’t know if I am your first but I’ll make sure I am your last.

  28. He has got my back and I got him, always.

  29. Life is not perfect but every second with you is.

  30. I’ll steal your heart and you steal mine that’s what I call a perfect crime.

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Funny Instagram Captions for Couples:

  1. Girls who can run in heels should be feared.

  2. I’m not insulting you. I’m just describing you.

  3. Make little things count. Teach Midgets Math.

  4. You have successfully completed your 10th class. There are 7 more classes to complete.

  5. What to do when you miss your EX. Reload and Shoot again.

  6. Having dirty minds make ordinary conversations much more Interesting.

  7. Why Fall in Love when you can fall asleep?

  8. Math Rule: If it seems easy when you are doing it wrong.

  9. Don’t think yourself as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful Monkey.

  10. If Plan A fails then remember that you have 25 letters.

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  11. Of course, I talk myself. Sometimes I need experts advice.

  12. I will slap so hard. Even Google won’t be able to find you.

  13. You can’t Face the problem if the problem is your Face.

  14. That Awkward moment when your crush asks you who is your crush.

  15. Behind every Angry woman stands a Man.

  16. Whenever I try to fall in love with books. My phone proposes me.

  17. If you succeed then let’s go to the bar and celebrate. If you failed let’s go to the bar to forget. (Alcoholic).

  18. D.I.E.T (Did I Eat That).

  19. I used to be good at math until they started using alphabets.

  20. To be old and Wise, You must first have to be Young and Stupid.

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  21. I don’t suffer from insanity.

  22. I’m WEIRD (Wonderful, Exciting, Interesting, Real, Different).

  23. This Vodka tastes like I’ll be texting you later.

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Good Instagram Captions for Couples:

  1. Be So Good They cannot Ignore You.

  2. Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You.

  3. Don’t forget to be Awesome.

  4. It hurts because it mattered.

  5. You can anything but not everything.

  6. Grow through. What you go through.

  7. Do something good today.

  8. You are your only limit.

  9. Silence is the most powerful scream.

  10. Don’t Wait. Life goes faster than you think.

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  11. Row Row Row your boat gently the f**k away from me.

  12. Let that shit go.

  13. I didn’t come this far to only come this far.

  14. Start Each day with a grateful heart.

  15. Do not let anyone ever dull your sparkle.

  16. Beauty might catch attention but brains keep it there.

  17. Mistakes are sometimes the best memories.

  18. Every storm runs out of the rain.

  19. Kind heart fierce mind and Brave spirit.

  20. Storms don’t lose forever.

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  21. Be easy to love, hard to break and impossible to forget.

  22. Trust the process: Eat clean trust yourself.

  23. You can have results or Excuses but not both.

  24. Start the day right with the smile.

  25. Aspire to Inspire before you expire.

  26. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

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