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35+ Savage Instagram Captions, Quotes and Status

Instagram is a popular photo sharing website which has garnered much popularity in last few years after Facebook bought Instagram and introduced great new changes to it.  Unlike Facebook you cannot upload statuses and quotes nor do other stuff like facebook can but you can surely add some captions along with your pictures. Have anyone ever told you that you are a too sassy person or are you a savage?  Savage is a term that means awesome but brutal. This term is used to show respect for someone having done something really awesome or cool, but also acknowledging that it was a brutal one. You can also call someone savage who doesn’t give a care and does things that nobody else has the guts to do. In everyday speech or texting and chat and on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook and messaging apps, such as Snap chat we can easily find people who are savage as well as their savagery captions. If you are one of them then some may have praised you for that while some may have tried negatively to deviate from being who you are. It totally does not matter what anyone thinks about you rather it actually should not affect you in any sense.  Being sassy means you know how to take a stand for yourself. Being a sassy person means you have a backbone and you are not at all afraid to use it when needed. We use captions on our picture and this is the trend nowadays to use captions that are already written on the internet. Here are some savage Instagram captions and Quotes that you can use in your picture.

List of Savage Instagram Captions and Quotes :

  1. It is totally wastage of my mascara to cry over guys like you.
  2. It’s with you or without you but life goes on.
  3. It’s hard to do epic stuff with basic people like you.
  4. Here is a proof that my selfies are better than you.
  5. I would make a sandwich for guys like you.
  6. I believe in karma very much but if karma does not hit you, I will.
  7. I love that pleasant sound which you make when you shut up.
  8. Karma is somewhat busy with sharpening her nails, finishing and her drink, and after that, she is coming after you.
  9. Some people always deserve to get a hi-five right on their face.
  10. Ever seen queens competing with hoes? No, because queens never consider hoes as their completion.
  11. Even my middle finger is bigger than your heart.
  12. The idea is to not be, what people expect you to be and I strictly follow this idea.
  13. You can treat me like a joke but then I will leave you like its funny.
  14. Sweet as sugar, cold as ice hurt me once I will break you thrice.
  15. I am aware of the fact that I am a handful but that is the reason why you have only two hands.
  16. It’s totally okay if you don’t like me because not everyone in this world is born with good taste.
  17. My smile is the trigger, my lips are the gun my kisses are like the bullets and hence you can label me as a killer.
  18. Do not mess with a girl of short height. 5 feet 2 inch but attitude 6 feet 1.
  19. What’s a queen without her king? To be fair and historically speaking. She will more powerful.
  20. You were once my cup of tea but then I upgraded to champagne.
  21. You are so fake that even China refused to accept that they made you.
  22. The difference is that this time I won’t wait by my phone waiting for your text or I won’t text you to remind you that I exist. I will not give you that power anymore so if you want me than you will have to show up.
  23. She has a heart which is savage but she has a golden heart as well.
  24. If you hurt my best friend in any way I will make your death look like an accident.
  25. I like myself like I like my coffee. It’s like dark, bitter and too hot for you.
  26. Remember to shine like the sunshine because the sun does not give a damn even if you go blind.
  27. You will find an odd combination of really sweet and don’t mess with me in me.
  28. I have reached that level of my life where I will need a stronger word than the word fuck.
  29. You are the one dating my ex? I am eating a sandwich; do you care to eat the leftovers?
  30. I sometimes wonder how many calories those bitches burn by jumping on to conclusions.
  31. I am unable to understand the language you are speaking because it is sounding like bullshit.
  32. Good girls are made up of sugar and spice while I and my type of girls are made of whiskey and ice.
  33. Babe if you stand too close to the heater then there is a chance of you getting melted because plastic melts easily.
  34. If someone points at your black clothes and asks whose funeral it is then you can just look around the room and answer “not decided yet”.
  35. I really don’t hate you that much but if you are on fire and I had the water, I would simply drink it.
  36. It’s totally okay if you don’t like me because not everyone has a good taste.
  37. From the first day, I saw you I decided that I was going to give you the wrong number.
  38. I tried hard to put myself in your shoes but they were so ugly and cheap like you.
  39. I am that friend whom you need to explain to your other friends before they meet me.
  40. Bitch please your relationships last shorter than my phone’s battery.

Savage Caption and Quotes Images for Instagram :

Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions
Savage Captions


Being savage is a kind of art and not everyone can possess this art. If you are the one who is not savage by choice then you are truly a savage person because you don’t show your savage skills to impress other people. These Savage Instagram captions are written keeping your character in mind. You can use these quotes in any of your pictures. However, there is one glitch, although being savage makes you cool and you don’t give a care of what other people say but then these captions can hurt the sentiments of other people. Some of these quotes contain words that are offending and not everyone can handle this type of offense and thus may get offended easily. So it is recommended to use these captions on your Instagram pictures wisely. These Instagram captions are free to copy and paste in your Instagram pictures and posts.

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